Our Business Services

We offer an array of services which include B2B continuity solutions, on-site services, IT liquidation, electronics recycling, data destruction, and e-waste recycling. We provide a systematic approach to both the security and recycling of outdated IT assets. Our data destruction and erasure services meet or exceed NIST 800-88 and Department of Defense 5220.220M guidelines. For our continuity solutions we partner with Datto to provide you the best hardware, backed by our in-house tech support team.


IT Liquidation

We are your go-to resource for excess and/or obsolete IT assets and office devices. We offer purchase of your electronics and help you avoid the typical hassles and inconveniences of disposing outdated or surplus computer equipment. Complete regulatory adherence, quick, friendly, and thorough service, total destruction of your data, and consultations and support throughout the process.

E-waste Recycling

It is of the utmost importance to sustain a clean environment and to never illegally export or landfill focus materials. We are committed to helping your company attain sustainability goals and diminishing your risk of negative press and legal recourse due to security breaches.  That is all backed by our meticulous and line-by-line reporting of each and every device you recycle with us.

Data destruction

As HIPAA compliant business associates, we have strict rules and guidelines that we adhere to in order to ensure that all of your data and information is properly removed and destroyed.  Your security and privacy is our foremost priority. You can always rely on us to ensure that your personal documents, files, pictures, and the like will be removed and erased from all of your IT assets.

Disaster/backup recovery solutions

We partner with Datto to offer a full line of business continuity solutions. Your company relies heavily on your IT infrastructure for your success. Data loss and system downtime can have a devastating effect to your bottom line and future. Data loss is inevitable. Cyber attacks target companies of all sizes, and those without a plan fail. Datto products partnered with Compco tech support minimize system downtime and offer the protection you need.