Business Continuity Solutions

 We partner with Datto to offer a full line of business continuity solutions. Your company relies heavily on your IT infrastructure for your success. Data loss is inevitable. Cyber attacks target companies of all sizes, and those without a plan can can spend weeks or months recovering. This all can have a devastating effect to your bottom line and future. Datto products partnered with Compco tech support minimize system downtime and offer the protection you need.

Our solutions

Networking Continuity - Ever have your internet go down when you need it most? It can be a major problem. Partnered with Datto, we can provide network continuity appliances that allow for seamless crossover to a 4G LTE backup network. Once your primary network comes back online, it will transition back. All without any input or delay.

Data Continuity - Lets face it, in this day and age data is important. Having loss of access, or even worse, complete drive failure can result in major down time and loss of business. Partnered with Datto, we can provide a seamless backup solution that protects you, your company and your integral data from disaster.